Statcare Pulmonologists are Summit physicians who provide hospital-centered care for our inpatient patients.  Either by admission or consultation, our team of pulmonary doctors work closely with the hospitalists or admitting physicians to coordinate care.  In addition, our pulmonary physicians provide Intensivist care within our facilities.  Our Intensivists elevate our specialized care to assure our patients are the receiving the quality care and individualized time to enhance their health care recovery.  The Intensivists direct the medical care in the hospital intensive care unit (ICU), working with the attending physician of record and other staff.  Our team of Intensivists specializes in the treatment of critically ill patients to stabilize, treat, and improve the outcomes of the seriously ill.  Statecare Pulmonary Consultants is the outpatient services for our pulmonary patients. Currently there are 2 clinic locations serving the greater Knoxville and surrounding counties.  The Statcare Pulmonary clinic extends our ability to treat patients from the inpatients setting into the outpatient setting for appropriate continuum of care

These doctors are familiar with your case and are available to care for you 24 hours a day.

Statcare Pulmonary physicians are specially trained to meet the unique needs of critically ill patients.

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