‘Managing Diabetes – It’s not easy, but it’s worth it’


National Diabetes Month serves as a reminder that managing the condition is an important part of preventing diabetes-related health problems. Summit Medical Group is here to help you stay on a healthy track.

The National Diabetes Education Program’s 2016 theme is: “Managing Diabetes – It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It.” The education program, part of the National Institutes of Health, uses the month of November to not only raise awareness about diabetes, but also how to manage it.

Physicians can be an important part of your management team. They can answer your questions and discuss any challenges. We also are pleased to offer classes to Summit Medical Group patients to help further improve their diabetes management. Our classes offer tips and tricks to manage the balancing act of maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active, making healthy food choices and taking medications as prescribed. Everyone with diabetes can seek additional resources and support in order to create a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes is a serious and sometimes hard-to-manage disease, but don’t make the mistake of feeling overwhelmed and giving up. Even small changes, such as walking 15 minutes twice a day or replacing sugary drinks with water, can put you on the track to better health.

The importance of early intervention and following a consistent plan cannot be overstated. Research shows that managing diabetes as soon as possible can help prevent such diabetes-related health problems as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, nerve damage and amputation. If you’re not following a diabetes management plan, we encourage you to start on that path today for a healthier tomorrow.

If you are a Summit Medical Group patient and want to learn more about our upcoming “Living with Diabetes” classes, please call Health Education at 865-212-2281 or email healthed@summithealthcare.com.