Patient story of gratitude


In this season of gratitude, we are honored to share this patient-submitted story with his permission:


“Thank you Dr. Robert Alley for discovering that my carotid artery was over 90% blocked, and I could have had a stroke at any time. That discovery was in October 2008. I had surgery a few weeks later, and soon after I was able to return to my active life of running. Pictured here with Dr. Alley I am wearing my Peachtree 10k Road Race shirt. This past July I was able to attend and run the 50th anniversary of the race in Atlanta. This was a special event because I ran in the first race in 1970. That year we only had 110 runners. This July there were over 60,500 race participants. Thanks to Dr. Alley I plan on going back and running again in the 55th race event when I will be 80 years old.


Thank you again, Dr. Alley, for saving my life.”


–Mickey S.


See your primary care physician, prioritize your health and plan for running many races or cooking many meals or singing many songs… and celebrating many holidays for years to come. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!