December Blog: Tips for an Emotionally Healthy Holiday Season

Learning to manage feelings of depression and anxiety can help you reconnect with joy during the holidays.


November is American Diabetes Awareness Month: Get Moving to Manage This All Too Common Disease

If you’re one of 25.8 million Americans suffering from diabetes, you’re already at a higher risk for developing heart disease, stroke and other serious health complications. 


October Blog: Flu 101 Facts and Myths

Each year, the influenza vaccine is made available to the public beginning in September. This vaccine helps prevent some of the most common strains of the influenza (flu) virus, yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates fewer than 40 percent of people receive it.


September Blog: Failing to Make the Grade: Too Many Americans Missing the Mark on Medication Adherence

According to the results of the first national report card on medication adherence, the majority of Americans taking medication for a chronic condition only manage a C-plus when it comes to taking medication as prescribed. A startling one in seven earns an F.



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