Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Any Season

Fall marks the time when the leaves change color and the flora and fauna of nature begin to enter a dormant state before the winter months


Don't Let Tailgating Get Your Healthy Eating Off Course

College football teams return to the gridiron in the next month, with the pros following in early September. Having men in pads and helmets back on the field means it’s time to dust off the canopy tent, inspect the portable grill and take a reconnaissance trip to the stadium parking lot—tailgating season is back.


Stroke Focus: The Stealth Attack in Your Brain

Face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty—the signs of ischemic stroke are recognizable. But so-called “silent strokes” often cause no outward symptoms and can lead to cognitive damage without ever being noticed.


Surviving Summer Vacation the Healthy Way

While the break from school offers children an opportunity to recharge, unstructured summer days can quickly become monotonous. From gardening and spending time at the pool to taking weekly library visits, kids can stay active and engaged in many fun ways.



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