September Blog: Failing to Make the Grade: Too Many Americans Missing the Mark on Medication Adherence

According to the results of the first national report card on medication adherence, the majority of Americans taking medication for a chronic condition only manage a C-plus when it comes to taking medication as prescribed. A startling one in seven earns an F.


August Blog: Summit Express Clinics - Taking Care of You When You Need It Most

Summer weather means more outdoor sports and activities on weekends and evenings, which can also mean minor injuries such as strains, sprains and cuts. 


As the Summer Sun Heats Up, Remember to Protect Your Skin

Skin Cancer Warning Signs

After a cool and rainy spring, summertime weather has finally arrived in East Tennessee, luring families to lakes, pools, baseball fields, parks, outdoor concerts and festivals. While enjoying all that sunshine, remember that the pleasurable warmth of the sun’s rays also exposes you to ultraviolet (UV) radiation that causes skin cancer, premature aging and even cataracts.


Man up -- take charge of your health

June is national Men’s Health Month

“No other health problem that affects so many Americans has suffered from as much benign neglect and for so long as men’s health.” So begins Dialogue on Men’s Health, written by physicians and health experts from the Men’s Health Network which sponsors June’s national Men’s Health Month.



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