Steps to Wellness – A Wellness and Weight Management Series (Free program)

Daily Habits affect how you feel and can impact your risk for disease. This program provides guidance on nutrition, exercise, weight management and general wellness to help you achieve your best health. The program meets monthly to keep you on track as you travel on your wellness journey. 

What makes Steps to Wellness unique:

  • Monthly meetings as well as monthly emails full of tips to provide accountability and support throughout your wellness journey.
  • A community partnership with Food City featuring hands-on experiences including a grocery store tour and quarterly cooking demonstrations.
  • Prizes earned through activities that are geared toward helping you achieve your wellness goals.

Classes locations include Knoxville, Seymour, Jefferson City, and Oak Ridge. Webinar option is also available.

For more information about classes and registration, please call Health Education at 865-212-2281 or email at