A Vaccine Delivery Update from SMG CEO Ed Curtis


Dear valued patient:

At Summit Medical Group, we have been planning and taking the necessary steps to ensure that our community receives the vaccine in as timely a manner as possible. Despite these efforts, we have yet to receive any allocation of vaccines whatsoever from the state — including the 1a2 allocation intended for our essential, front-line medical caregivers.

Despite my repeated inquiries, we have not even received a delivery date for the vaccines. I diligently continue to work directly with federal, state and local authorities on securing a timeline and allocation for Summit, but it continues to be a very frustrating and complicated process for the State of Tennessee.

In the meantime, to provide our most at-risk patients with the vaccine, Summit is partnering with various local healthcare organizations that have received their allocations and have a surplus of vaccines available. We are currently working with these organizations to schedule our highest-risk patients for vaccinations at the various locations. In conjunction with federal and state guidelines, the level of risk is determined by age; the older the patient, the higher the perceived risk.

Therefore, we have created a list of our patients 75 and older, from our most senior to our youngest within the 75+ age group. If your name is on this list we will be reaching out to you individually to schedule an appointment once one of the hospital systems has provided us with the number of appointments/vaccinations they have available. While this isn’t the preferred method of providing this vital service to our patients, we are thankful and fortunate to have these organizations team with Summit to care for our patients. We truly are all in this together.

We hope this helps ease any fears or quell any rumors that may circulate regarding the availability or distribution of the vaccine by Summit Medical Group. As always, I will provide real-time updates as they become available regarding our timeline and eventual receipt of the vaccine. We are grateful to you, our patients, for your continued confidence in us. It’s your trust that allows Summit Medical Group to do the remarkable and for that, we thank you.


Stay safe and be well.

Ed Curtis, CEO

Summit Medical Group