Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Any Season

It’s the perfect time to be outdoors so you can witness this remarkable season.

•Whitewater rafting is an excellent activity to consider during the fall months. Have a guide take you through winding rivers and streams and share knowledge about the surrounding areas.

•Grab your mountain bike and hit the trails. You’ll be able to see more of the landscape with fewer trees in full bloom, making cycling a safe and exciting way to view the color changes of fall. See “Autumn Cycling: What You Should Know” below. Winter offers a unique chance to spend time outdoors alone or with the whole family. From enjoying time at a ski resort to bird-watching on a hike through the woods, this season is full of adventure.

•Bundle up the whole family after a snowfall and head outside to play. Make snowmen, have a lighthearted snowball fight or go sledding down a hill. Or head into the mountains for a family ski trip.

•Take a day to go hiking in the woods. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars so you can bird-watch or take in a view of the surrounding area.

•Master survival skills at a campground by learning to build a snow shelter, forage for supplies and track animals. Spring brings warmer weather and longer days, as well as plenty of outdoor activities that winter did not allow.

•Go on a camping trip, but don’t forget to bring your fishing pole and tackle box. Fishing season begins in early spring in many locations, and an afternoon by the lake is a great way to relax and appreciate the warming weather.

•Rent a canoe and paddle down a lazy river. You’ll be able to see nature springing back to life after a long winter. Bring a waterproof camera to take pictures of any wildlife you see along the way. Summer marks the hottest part of the year and when the days are at their longest, and with the right preparation, it can be a safe and exciting time to be outdoors.

•Try backpacking on a local trail. Pack as much as you’ll need for a night or two and wear comfortable shoes, then head out into the woods. You’ll be able to experience nature on a different level when you’re staying overnight, and your backpack won’t be quite as heavy as it would if you were carrying heavier clothing layers for colder and inclement weather.

•Learn rock-climbing. Have an experienced climber teach you the proper way to start climbing up a rock face, and you’ll soon be enjoying a fun and safe activity outdoors. When you reach the top, sit back and enjoy the view. There is always a fun way to experience the outdoors. Visit the National Park Service to find a park near you and discover more about specific activities in your area.