Joint Pain? Summit Rheumatologists Provide Relief.

Do you need a doctor to fix your tennis elbow? What about knee or ankle pain? A rheumatologist is the specialist you need.


Safety Rules and Tips for Thunderstorm Season: Stay Safe and Healthy in the Storm

As the flowers begin to bloom and the birds start to sing, severe spring weather may also be just around the corner. Depending on where you live, tornadoes, thunderstorms and floods may present major safety hazards for you and your family.


Choose Your Medicare Options Wisely: Start Planning at 64

Even with a year left before Medicare eligibility, now’s the time to understand the differences in Medicare plans. Summit partners with Humana and SFG Medicare to offer free educational seminars


Relax: Take Time to Recognize Symptoms of Stress and Rejuvenate for Spring

April is Stress Awareness month. Most of us who have stress know it, and we don’t necessarily need a month to remind us. So becoming aware of it is not the issue. It's getting rid of it that needs to be addressed. 



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