Surviving Summer Vacation the Healthy Way

While the break from school offers children an opportunity to recharge, unstructured summer days can quickly become monotonous. From gardening and spending time at the pool to taking weekly library visits, kids can stay active and engaged in many fun ways.


Now Screening: A Healthier You - Women's Health Focus

As you age, your health concerns change, and so do the screenings you need. An annual well-woman visit is an ideal time to discuss preventive health and schedule any necessary screenings with your Summit Medical Group healthcare provider.


May Blog: Recognizing Skin Cancer Early is as Easy as ABCD

Warm weather leads to times of fun in the sun with friends and family enjoying the lake, pool, park or beach. Beware – those blue sunny skies carry with them a danger that’s been around as long as the fifth century – melanoma.


April Blog: Advanced Practitioners Are A Vital Part of Your Healthcare Team

Advanced Practitioners, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are valued and important members of the care team at Summit Medical Group.



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